Based on our own experience, we know how important brand building is in the individual approach to the design of the collection.

– We design both full, coordinated clothing collections as well as single models

– We search and select woven fabrics, knit selection of material from our offer which guarantees repeatability for subsequent orders and maintenance of production continuity. There is a possibility of ordering woven fabrics and knitted fabrics printed with the pattern you supplied or we will design it on your request.

– We realize graphic designs of prints, embroidery, that are used on clothing. We are able to transfer simple colored designs into one simple garment, as well as design multicolored, complex graphic designs to be printed under prints. Using the available techniques we are able to put into production any project.

– We organize and supply clothing accessories such as jacquard tabs, labels, buttons, rivets, naps, zippers, leather patches and many more ….. We cooperate with many Polish manufacturers so we are sure about the quality of the products offered. Proper selection of accessories will give your clothing a uniqueness and distinguish your collections from the competition as well as build a picture of your brand in the eyes of customers so that it becomes recognizable.
Preparation of technical and technological documentation for auctions

– We will provide professional know-how in the field of sewing technology as well as current fashion trends